Information & guidelines


The Erasmus Trustfonds has a yearly available budget to co-foster research and education projects at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) for faculties / departments / institutes, employees, undergraduates within a student-organisation or for individual postgraduate students (PhDs and sometimes for Masters). Our grants are given as a gift whereas our sponsorships are part of our branding.
The Erasmus Trustfonds awards approximately 400 grants annually and support PhDs and excellent students and groups of Bachelor and Master students. The Erasmus Trustfonds only supports research / education projects organised by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), its Faculties and / or Institutes.

Awards, which include grants, prizes and scholarships when available, are offered to selected EUR students at PhD, Master and undergraduate level, in all subjects and at all Faculties / Institutions of the EUR.
For any further information regarding scholarships availability please visit as the Erasmus Trustfonds is not active in any award processing related to scholarships which are available.

Please note as of 1st January 2017 the Erasmus Trustfonds will no longer consider proposals submitted via mail and the only way to submit your proposal will be via email.



The following general guidelines will help you with your first queries. Please note we have different application forms and guidelines may not be the same or might be changed. Always use the original Erasmus Trustfonds application form, do not copy or change the format as this will harm the admissing processing and / or our staff will not be able to process the application at all and will not be taken in consideration.

The Erasmus Trustfonds will supply every grant application with an automatic generated unique correspondence number when successfully received at via the requested and used application process on our website. We advise you to use this number in any future correspondence in the specific dossier.

Below you will find the general guidelines. Next to these we have specific guidelines related to the different available application forms itself and awarding conditions. Please check these before appling for a grant carefully to avoid extra work and dissapointments.

The Erasmus Trustfonds general guidelines:

  • The project should contribute to ‘growth and flourishing’ of Erasmus University Rotterdam and is preferable within the Erasmus Initiative Theme’s.
  • Per 12 months a second applications, after the first has been awarded, does not qualify for any support.
  • The applicant for personal grant is a post graduate at the EUR (Master, PhD and enrolled in the EUR payment system). Project-grants / collective study trip grants can also be applied for by an undergraduate (bachelor) on behalf of an EUR organisation.
  • Only these applications for research will be taken in consideration when it is obvious that only with participating financial support of Erasmus Trustfonds it is possible the research project will start in its first phase. Follow up research projects do not qualify for support unless this is already part of an earlier agreement between parties.
  • Incomplete applications (as well when any of the required documents are missing) will not be accepted.
  • Your application must have been received by Erasmus Trustfonds ( no less than six weeks before the research /project starting date.
  • Please note that we require partial funding (at least 50%) from other sources (university / faculty / own department / Institutes, third parties etc.).
  • The application should be accompanied by a detailed budget (both income and expenses, as well as by explanatory notes, which should be as exhaustive as possible).
  • Please specify (expected) financial internal and in-kind contributions from Erasmus University Rotterdam, other universities / faculty / own department / Institutes, third parties etc. , which underline the importance of the proposed activity.
  • Did you as well apply by any external institution(s) / companies etc. for funding to support organizing the activity etc ( including in-kind contributions)? We would be pleased to be notified of the results.
  • Specify the amount of money you request by the application for your research to receive from Erasmus Trustfonds. If possible specify to us as well on which specific expenses you want to spend our contribution on. Erasmus Trustfonds is not able to finance promotions, workshops participation / (academic) courses, print cost, salaries, tuition fees, etc. The herewith mentioned examples are not limited!
  • What will you do when you will not be able to arrange the total required finance for your research?
  • If your project is part of a bigger project / concept or has a longer duration then requested at start date please specify and we may request you
  • When granted for a conference / congress a copy of your ticket (departure – always from The Netherlands) need to be sent to Erasmus Trustfonds before your departure as the payment procedure cannot be started without this.
  • Afterwards we expect a final report within two months upon your return. After receiving this we will pay the rest amount.
  • When granted we highly appreciate you will be mentioning our name, Erasmus Trustfonds and use our logo in any related publicity concept or program (publications, communication etc.), to state that the Erasmus Trustfonds financially is supporting your research project. Our eps-logo is available via our office or download the jpg-logo below.


  • Your application with all the required digital documents need to be sent to . The above does not imply any commitment on our behalf.
  • Note we require a budget check and approval either from your faculty controller or from an independent financial audit.
  • Please provide us with a Dutch bank account number to which we may transfer, if granted, the Erasmus Trustfonds contribution.
  • Please note as of 1st January 2017 the Erasmus Trustfonds will no longer consider proposals submitted via mail and the only way to submit your proposal will be via email.
  • Erasmus Trustfonds will supply you ASAP with a reference number for any communication about this project and the grant. When granted, in all further correspondence, please mention the assigned file-reference number.
  • All personal and research information provided will be handled confidentially.
  • Please do contact a member of the Erasmus Trustfonds staff (+31 (0)10 411 05 96) or mail the office at, when you have a specific question regarding your application after reading the above and checking the specific application requirements itself.