Grants & Application Forms

The Erasmus Trustfonds grants support to different types of projects: research visits, conference participation, collective study tours, research projects and other activities. For each type of project a different form must be used and additional guidelines apply. Furthermore, deadlines apply per type of application.

  • Carefully read the application form and make sure you meet the requirements for the specific type of application you want to submit;
  • Fill out the form and gather the necessary documents, as indicated on the form;
  • Grant applications must be written in Dutch or English;
  • Always use the original Erasmus Trustfonds application form. Do not copy or change the format as this will harm the admissing processing and / or our staff will not be able to process the application at all and will not be taken in consideration.
  • Please avoid the use of technical abbreviations and jargon, unless adequately explained.

Send your application before the deadline together with all necessary documents, before the deadline, to

Application forms and deadlines 2019:

Research Visit

Conference Participation

Research & Education Projects

Student Life

Student Support – Exchange Abroad

Other Activities

Dream projects

Do you have an ambitious research or education project that you would like to fulfil, but are you struggling to find the necessary resources? The following form can be used to inform the Erasmus Trustfonds and potential donors about your academic dream:

Academic Dream Project

Please note, that this is not an official application and solely functions as a way of informing the Erasmus Trustfonds and our community of your academic ambitions.